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Take a look at what some of my clients have to say about working with me...

"I went to Lucy to help me lose weight in a healthy way. She was able to provide so much more than that. Her knowledge of food and how nutrition affects our body and mind was second to none. She was so committed to getting the best results for me and worked with my specific needs and sticking points. She helped me greatly with a health problem and adapted my plan regularly as was needed. There was never any pressure whatsoever and I looked forward to our appointments. Lucy's kind compassionate personality and her knowledge about health has helped me greatly."

- Lynne, South Lanarkshire

"Lucy helped me to really understand nutrition, great advice on not how to diet but how to lead a more healthy lifestyle long term. Following Lucy’s advice doesn’t require any deprivation and starvation but focuses on getting the right nutrition in to ensure you are fuelled and filled up in the right way with the right balance."

- Claire, Strathaven

"Lucy was very knowledgeable and spent a long time going through my current diet. She advised on how I need to change the way I eat and what I eat in order that I can reduce my blood pressure and reduce cholesterol. I am already making improvements that will lead to a healthier lifestyle. The chat was very inspiring and positive. I would suggest more people learn about this to improve their health and assist in eradicating symptoms of certain stomach ailments. Very worthwhile indeed!!!"

- Colin, Strathaven

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