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Happy Friday: How to Start your Weekend Right

The weekend is finally here and it’s time to relax, unwind, and have some fun. But sometimes, it’s easier said than

done. You may find yourself still in the work mindset or struggling to choose how to spend your time. Don’t worry, though! In this post, we’ll share some tips on how to start your weekend right and get in the right mindset for a happy, productive weekend.

1. Develop a Ritual

Developing a weekend ritual can help you transition from the workweek to the weekend and set the tone for a happy weekend. It could be as simple as enjoying a cup of coffee in your garden every Saturday morning or going for a run or walk. The important thing is it should be something that you enjoy and look forward to every week.

2. Create a Plan

Creating a plan for your weekend can help you feel more organized and less stressed. It can be as detailed or as flexible as you like, but having a basic idea of what you want to do can help you maximize your free time and enjoy your weekend more. You can create a simple to-do list or even plan out your meals or movie nights in advance.

3. Disconnect from Work

One of the biggest challenges of having a happy weekend is disconnecting from work. It may be tempting to check your email or do some work over the weekend, but it’s important to set boundaries and take a break to recharge. Try turning off your work phone or laptop, or at least setting limits on when and how often you check your work email.

4. Prioritize Self-care

Self-care is important for your mental and physical well-being, and the weekend is a great time to prioritize it. Whether it’s spending time with loved ones, going for a massage,

practicing yoga, or reading a book, dedicate some time to yourself and what makes you happy.

5. Do Something Fun

Finally, don’t forget to do something fun every weekend. It can be easy to fall into the trap of doing chores and errands or binge-watching TV shows, but remember that weekends are for enjoying yourself! Whether it’s trying a new restaurant, exploring somewhere new, or going to a museum, make sure to put something fun and exciting on your schedule.


Weekends are precious, and it’s important to make the most of them. By developing a ritual, creating a plan, disconnecting from work, prioritizing self-care, and doing something fun, you can start your weekend off right and have a happy, productive weekend. Don’t let your free time slip by, and work towards building memorable weekends that you’ll look forward to every week.

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