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Nutritional Therapy

Every client is different, you are wonderfully unique and it is my fascinating and wonderful job to find out what makes you tick – getting to the root cause of your problems and restoring balance with a clinically led approach but taking into account your unique set of symptoms, physiology and lifestyle.

We start with a full health history, lifestyle, eating habits and even stressors which are taken into account to complete your personal story, which I review in full before our initial consultation. I may ask for recent GP tests you have had and I may recommend functional diagnostic tests (extra cost involved) and/or supplements; although these are optional.


Gut Reboot - 10 weeks - £795

This programme includes full 5R approach, with supplements included and is for those who have had a recent or previous diagnosis of IBS or who have been suffering with tummy troubles and can't quite seem to resolve them. Or perhaps you have had a worsening of symptoms. Or just troubled by bloating, food intolerances or something you just can't put your finger on.



Restore and Renew - 12 weeks - £895

This is a complete restore and renew programme for those with chronic or complex conditions which may include a combination of issues such as thyroid, autoimmune, digestive, anxiety or adrenal issues or a combination! You may have had a recent diagnosis you wish to support, or worsening of symptoms and you feel it is time to resolve underlying issues which may be driving your condition/s.



Can't see a package that feels just right? Get in touch for a free discovery call and we can work out a tailor-made package to your required level of support which takes into consideration the road ahead required to get you back to health.

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