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Clinical Weight Loss

Do you want to feel healthy? Do you want a diet that doesn't include extreme calorie restriction? Is easy to follow? Leaves you full, satisfied and doesn't rely on portion control and willpower?

Have you tried every diet going only for it to leave you tired, hungry, sad? Have you managed to lose some weight only to gain it back again, and more? Has it left you frustrated, humiliated, and maybe even embarrassed because you just can't seem to make it work?

You're not alone. Diets rarely work in the long term. I know this because I was one of you. I struggled for years - always lured in by the latest headlines and promises of quick fixes and magic pills. Only to fail and drown my sorrows in a box of chocolates to bury my humiliation.

I didn't know the real secret to losing fat and keeping it off but I do now. DISCLAIMER: it's not about eating less and moving more! The secret lies in your hormones, and what you eat, when and why - NOT how much. Then you add in some health coaching on emotional eating, just in case that's holding you back, and building new healthy habits and hey presto you have a new you!

Work with me and I will let you in on the secrets to sustained weight loss, energy and health which will leave you satisfied, at a weight correct for your body, and feeling amazing.

My programmes:


Suitable for those who have around about 14lbs to lose, or less, who just want a little advice to get them there, support, accountability and a little help with lifestyle factors such as stress and sleep.


RESET - 8 WEEKS - £495

Suitable for those who need longer support, have more body fat to lose and have more complicated food relationships who also may need a little more help with lifestyle factors, minor health issues, stress, sleep etc.


Suitable for those who are on a much longer journey, who really need the longer support, accountability and coaching to really reinvent themselves!


Everyone and every body is unique so each of my packages are personalised to you and your unique health journey. I want you to live your best life!

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